wow, TLC, wow

Last night I had the pleasure–that doesn’t sound right–of catching the season premier of TLC’s The Big Tiny.  It’s the last word in that title that sums up the premise.
A show about smaller individuals (dwarfs, sorry) is not necessarily unique.  MTV has probably been there and done that, and Hollywood certainly showcases the best of the best come Christmas time.  But TLC–the consummate professional network–showcases this family (which includes Guinness Book’s smallest siblings) and focuses, really, on how humiliating it is to be an adult dwarf living under your parents’ roof.  The show highlights grocery shopping as a life lesson and illustrates to viewers exactly how ineffective it is to cheerleader-jump-drive a bottle of ranch dressing into a grocery cart.  So noted.  Not that we could focus on their intellectual struggles or bigger-picture issues.  Ha!  Bigger-picture issues, get it?!   Anyway, in its quest to show the other one percent, or whatever justification TLC uses in parading its unfortunate freakshow-esque networking, it has made a mockery out of this family–albeit a small one.  It has also piqued my interest with respect to how Auto Tune and a dubstep background would sound with their voices.   Pretty fucking rad, I would think.
I’m guessing TLC has, or will soon, also make a mockery of the incredibly fat family that appears on the Guinness page opposite the dwarfs’ entry.  Yeah, I definitely noticed that.   Then again, a show about fat people is sooo 2003.

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