WiFi wonders (kitten mitten revision)

I recently attended a professional development course aimed at teaching members of my profession how best to utilize their iPads. This is challenging considering the majority of those comprising my profession are more in tune with adult diapers and pads than iPads. But everyone buys them because of the included big-button calculator. In any event, the first step in this course was logging onto WiFi. I should mention that this course was held in the middle of downtown, surrounded by the legal, business, and financial heart of the city. This setting made it especially gratifying when I–and I assume the full membership of this professional development course–laid eyes on the WiFi offerings.


I have to give whomever’s signal this is much credit, for both being cultured enough to know the Amish exist, but also for making the unlikely but interesting connection with gays, midgets, kitten mittens, gay kitten mittens, midget kitten mittens, and gay midget kitten mittens. I can’t be certain Amish gay midget kitten mittens actually exists because I’ve been too afraid to Google it on any device of mine and the public library computer is perpetually out of order on account of homeless sticky-pee-hands. If it does exist, I’m impressed and wonder how it was filmed to be true to the Amish shunning of electricity and modern devices. Perhaps it is a flip book …  I don’t know, I’m so intrigued!!

If any of you out there can access your mom’s computer, look it up and let me know what you find!


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