trouble in paradise

My relationship with Spotify has, to date, been fruitful and fantastic. But I’m beginning to wonder. First of all, in a surprising act of defiance, Spotify has begun displaying the continuous feed of what my Facebook friends have been listening to, in spite of the fact that I have been without Facebook (and the friends that accompanied it) for months now. Clearly I want to know what these people are listening to just as much as I want to know how they are, which is not at all. Catch up, Spotify. Also, these past two weeks have been extremely trying given the New Release selection greeting me each morning. For eight days straight I was presented with new albums from the following “artists”: Kottonmouth Kings, Slightly Stoopid, Dave Matthews Band, and Insane Clown Posse (better known to their fans and those who run from them as ICP). (You might be wondering why I included Dave Matthews Band in this list and it’s because I hate them more than Facebook, which is a whole fucking lot.) I don’t know if everyone sees the same New Release selection or whether I have made terrible mistakes in my listening choices and have thereby had these selections tailored. Just for me. If this happens to be the case, there is a God and s/he is obviously not involved in my life. Spotify should know what I’m listening to and what I’m into because I fucking tell it, every day. Thus is the nature of the program, which I’m beginning to think is less of a computer program and more of a juggalo-pushing Facebook pawn.


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