Teen Mom

The greatest thing about MTV is nothing. So I was fairly surprised when I found myself watching the end of an episode of Teen Mom recently. Certainly, of all shows out there on network TV these days, this one conveys the sheer terror that we should all be feeling to think that children are our future. If this picture of the American teenager is accurate, global warming, jihad, and the rapture can’t come soon enough. Periodically throughout the show (alright I watched more than just a few minutes) MTV had the foresight to encourage it’s viewers to log on with questions on sex and relationships. My question is: How can we prevent MTV stars (and most of it’s viewing population) from having sex and relationships? It seems the answer to this question would be far more useful to us as a society than answering a 14-year old’s question as to whether she made the right decision in having that wine cooler and letting Ted convince her to take off her pants. Because the answer to that question is easy: switch to hard alcohol and oh, girl, I can’t believe you gave it up for Ted!


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