Here Comes Honey Blah Blah

Things took a tragic event last night on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo when the show came on and just DIDN’T FUCKING END! I couldn’t even make it to the latest episode because in making a game out of drinking and eating a handful of candy every time I was annoyed and disgusted, I was drunk and puking less than 40 minutes in. I know, I could have changed the channel but it was fun until it wasn’t, like marshmallows and play wrestling. Anyway, I’m as over that show as that family is over teeth. In fact, about the only thing I still find intriguing about that show and the parcel of hogs it follows, is how that bulging little she-pig is going to fare when she hits adolescence, assuming she makes it and doesn’t just bypass that stage on the way to being the mother of a herd of her own. My prediction is that come six to eight years from now, MTV will have serious incentive to reintroduce their poignant and moving Teen Mom series, opting instead to name it Here Goes Honey’s Hoo Hoo.


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