mewve over photojournalists

There are some people out there who can take a camera and produce art with it, as opposed to poorly focused snapshots of uneventful happenings at the bar. Clearly I am in the latter category, but I have a lot of respect for those in the former—and those who generally take pictures of things outside of the bar. One of these people is my good friend Thomas Peipert. This is his real name, although I bet in grade school when kids were pummeling him with toilet paper and yelling “TP!” “TP!” “TP!” he may have wished it weren’t. I probably would have been one of those kids. In fact, I may have been … We are such good friends that I once forgot I knew and hung out with him regularly over a four-year span. We re-met again years ago and hit it off (again, apparently). That’s a true story.

Anyway, TP takes incredible pictures, so much so that the internet let him have his own website and blog on which to post his pictures: and . Same page; double threat. Well, obviously in his frustration over the nothingness that characterizes my blog, he gave me full license to use his pictures, specifically, to do what I do best which is Cat Paint over his incredible shots.  With his photojournalist skills and my affinity for cats and eye for Cat Painting, we are a powerful—albeit largely useless—force to be reckoned with. So, here you go, TP. Consider this me asking, not so quietly, to borrow your photographs. Take that ‘author unknown.’

This is Buster. Buster is in jail for selling and using meth. You can tell because he’s lost all his hair. Buster doesn’t get along with most of the other inmates and Cat Face Charlie wants to beat the shit out of him.

Meet Geraldo, author of a collection of poems entitled I Could Pee on This. Could and did, huh, Geraldo?!

This guy ain’t never scared. Ball out or back up!

These pictures were taken in and around my house. As you can tell, I’m rich. Aren’t all people obsessed with cats?


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