Little People: Big Scrapbooks

For the three, or one, of you who normally read this crap, you might notice by now that I have a propensity (ooowweee, look at that big word) to watch random TV shows once, and then not come back to them for weeks, if ever.  For the record, this is probably more a function of me having too much to drink and forgetting a show is on, forgetting to blog about the show, and/or forgetting what happened on the show despite having sat and probably laughed the whole way through it, as opposed to a lack of caring or dedication to you, my fantastic reader.   Well, this is most likely one of those moments–take your pick of the excuses listed above–so I apologize in advance.

Last night, on TLC obviously, I watched Little People: Big World.  The content is obvious, although the two normal-sized children were somewhat unexpected.  But still, let’s be real, they only have one head so how rare is that …  Back to the larger children, for the first 10 minutes I was draw to how good looking the older son was.  His mini-dad reminds me of a mini-Gere (as in Richard but far less adventurous, and short) so I guess it’s not surprising.  Anyway, he seemed normal until he displayed a true love for scrapbooking and expressed a desire to scrapbook extensively for every family trip he attended–similar to no man, big or small, that I have ever met, read about, or seen on TV.  Game over.

All in all, TLC has done me way worse, and by the end of the show, the bottle of Chimay I downed had me convinced that my cat had a sketchy kangaroo face and I was too concerned about Australia’s wild camel problem to hate on the show anymore.


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