64oz. later

How frustrating is it when real-world things like work, school, obligations, and the end of the Real World get in the way of my far more important and productive social life.  By social life, I am referring to my online outlet where I post ramblings of absolutely nothing to absolutely no one.  Obviously, I need not explain what I meant by productive.  The bottom line is that I’ve been too busy to crank out something incredible, and even though it takes me less time to create genius than it does to post genius online for no one to read, I just haven’t had any time to do either.  In fact, I’ve been so busy that when I got to stressing incredibly this past Sunday over all the things I had to do, I became so overwhelmed that I had to strap two 40oz. to my hands à la Edward 40-hands and drink them quickly.

OK, to be fair to my two real-life friends who did this with me, I only strapped on one 40oz. and one 24oz., and neither were malt liquor.  Give me a break, I had things to do.  Needless to say, the Edna 64-hands didn’t help with the productivity, although it did produce a decent headache the next day which created even less productivity.  But even then, not as bad a headache as I’m sure my friends had after two 40oz. of Old English malt liquor.  Suckers.


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