keep on mewving photojournalists

Back by absolutely no demand: Thomas Peipert In Your Pants, a now-reoccurring post in which I shame my good friend and photojournalist Thomas Peipert by illustrating my superior photo skills as they relate to Cat Painting. Sorry, by illustrating my superior skills which are Cat Painting. Some people don’t bring anything to the table, so at least there’s that …

Meet Jedediah, an Amish cast out who has since developed a significant fast food addiction and discovered the value of drinking in excess. He found his way into this trendy SoHo bar and, after killing off a bottle of Crown Royal, he took its spot on the shelf, and Thomas took his picture. It would have been nice if Thomas bought Jedediah a drink, but he’s a cheap asshole so he didn’t.

Although his photos are two dimensional, Thomas Piepert is a multifaceted dude. A complicated amalgam of emotions and regret. (I made up that last part.)

In my experience, there is nothing easier to Cat Paint than white trash because they usually have faces most worthy of covering. This picture is a slight exception, since this dude is tongue punching the hole in his teeth, and obviously I can’t cover that up. Thomas came to Weatherford, TX, to hone his photojournalist skills, but stayed for the meth–specifically, the meth cooked out of this trailer.


Chun Hei hangs out at the DMZ (Demeowliterized Zone) because she just doesn’t give a fuck. Things might change as Pyongyang’s plans to blow everyone on earth into nuclear Holocaust come closer to reality.


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