it’s pie chart something ….

It’s not just Friday, it’s Pie Chart Friday.  Every Friday is Pie Chart Friday but obviously I can’t seem to remember that.  I can’t seem to remember anything which is why “I just haven’t been able to get to that yet” is my go-to when anyone asks me the status of anything.  What I really mean is “I have no idea what you’re talking so I obviously haven’t done it.”  When you’re as out of touch as I am, day-to-day life can be very interesting.  It’s pretty much like a box of chocolates, except some of what you get is full of Spam and covered in motor oil; some is pure unicorn shit (which is a positive for those of you who don’t follow unicorn lore).  By way of example:

  • Today I forgot that we were closing the office early—good surprise.
  • Yesterday I forgot to wear a bra—bad surprise.
  • This past week I forgot to do any work—very bad surprise, for someone.

People forget things for a variety of reasons and here’s mine.

What’s yours?


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