so, WordPress, you’re voting for Gary Johnson?

At various times throughout the day, WordPress has been struggling to delete my accurate and nonpartisan recap of the second Presidential Debate.

Did you think I wouldn’t notice when that attractive picture of Katherine Fenton didn’t show up under the post, WordPress?!  Oh, I noticed, and I went looking for it, over and over and over again.

Somewhat embarrassing, indeed.  Like when you’re in third grade gym class wearing your prettiest purple unicorn dress and white tights, and you pee your pants in the middle of a jumping jack.  Or when you’ve decided that particular t-shirt isn’t worth spending five more minutes in that dark bedroom to search for it and a crowd of roommates sees you dashing to your car without a shirt.  Obviously the age differential in these two examples is vastly different and, of course, I cannot relate to either.

Back to the point–get it together, WordPress.  I’m sorry if I offended someone on your staff by making Gary Johnson seem like a nobody, especially next to a star like Big Bird.  I mean, who doesn’t want to abolish the IRS and live free?!  Turns out, I don’t.  I took a quiz on Gary Johnson’s website, designed to tell the quiz taker with which candidate they side most closely.  My results informed me that I side most with Jill Stein.

This is very informative–but who the fuck is Jill Stein?  Oh yeah, the Green Party.  Well that’s not happening Jill and you can blame that on Ralph Nader, whom I blame for Bush.  I guess that means I blame Jill Stein for George W. Bush.  If Gore had won the 2000 election just imagine the number of women he would have had with which to cheat on his wife.  Move over Bill Clinton, am I right?!




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