Clark Gable–one dreamy dude

No, not that one, this one:

This is the face of the new host of Cheaters, the reality TV show that has been ruining steamy love affairs for over a decade.  Life as I knew it ended earlier this year when Joey Greco–the trashiest car-salesman actor on television–left the show.  What’s the point in cheating if you don’t think there’s a chance you’ll get caught by Joey Greco?!  That was my mentality, at least, so it’s been a slow six months, but things got a lot better last night when I realized this dude has taken over the show, spicing it up with some dirt bike racing and swearing–oh, and theft of that particular dirt bike about which he was swearing.

I’ve never seen this host before but I’m sure his famous grandfather (yep, the other Clark Gable) is rolling over in his handsome grave to think he pioneered the handsome man’s rights, just to have his handsome grandson throw any semblance of a career into the grief-filled back seat of a 10-seater unmarked van.  Interestingly enough, according to The Hollywood Reporter (if it’s in there, it must be true), Gable views Cheaters as an opportunity “to create a new legacy for my family because I feel the ball got dropped by a generation. I want to pick it back up and do what I can with it.”  I find that an interesting comment, unless, of course, the ball he’s referring to is the sleazy cologne and/or perfume ridden genitals that star in his show.  One might venture a guess that a ball is going to get dropped this generation too, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, my grieving cycle over the loss of Joey Greco will continue, albeit with a creeping optimism that his trashy legacy will be carried on.  As a token of my appreciation for everything Greco has done for this show, and cheaters across the nation, I am going to order this commemorative tee-shirt from Cheaters Spy Shop.  And while I came to this gem of a website for this tee-shirt, I’m going to stay for all the other absolutely incredible products for sale!  Check these out, in the order in which I would like to receive them for Christmas:

This is not just a Christmas wish, this is a Christmas must have, sort of like Clark Gable’s must-have career on Cheaters.  So tune in and keep cheating America!


2 thoughts on “Clark Gable–one dreamy dude

  1. Dirty Briefs – what a find! I wonder what international shipping would be on those? Actually, I think I might hold out for the Mk II version with added scratch-and-sniff feature…

  2. International shipping would probably make the purchase less of an absolute steal. However, the nice thing about this product is I could easily envision how one would go about making their own. And at that point, there would be no need for a scratch-and-sniff feature!

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