Talking to my psychiatrist sometimes is like ripping my teeth out one by one, soaking them in gasoline and then putting them back in my mouth.  Needless to say it’s uncomfortable and borders on excruciating every time he says “And why do you think that is the case?”  Why go, you ask?  Yeah, good point, fuck that.  I have not found “talking to someone” to be particularly helpful, although it is a good and efficient way to waste your money and feel absolutely horrible about yourself.  I only went on the advice of friends who said it was more accessible and legitimate than drugs.  As if.  OK, well maybe more accessible.

I go because I suffer from what some people call anxiety; others call it “you’re absolutely insane just shut up about the oven being on!”  Whatever it is, exactly, I can’t quite wrap my head around it, nor can those who are unfortunate enough to be around me when I’m walking out the door on a trip.

Me to my ride: “OK, I’m ready to go, let me just double check that I have everything. Thanks again for the ride to the airport!”

Move to the kitchen: OK, oven is off, open door to verify, no heat, good. Range is off, put hand on each burner to check, yep, we’re good. Light is off in the cupboard, shut door. Are the lower-level cabinets shut? Yes, but what if the cat gets stuck in one of those? He can open them. OK, duct tape should work to keep them shut. Duct tape. Test. Duct tape. That should do it. Test. Duct tape. Microwave door is shut, yes? Yes, re-check oven. I might as well duct tape that too.

Move to bedroom: Window cracked. Wait, is this open too much? I once heard about a cat jumping through the screen and falling down. Measure crack, measure cat, measure crack vs. cat ratio. Adjust crack. Should I shut the blinds? The cat needs light. What if the neighbors across the way notice I’m gone? Not good, they could come break in. Shut blinds, but leave room. Adjust. Now that I’ve shut the blinds, I should open the window crack. What if it rains? What if it snows? What if it gets windy? I hate that sound of the blinds banging in the wind. Open blinds, re-adjust crack. Double-check size of cat. Big cat, small crack, OK.

Move to bathroom: Hairdrier unplugged, toothbrush unplugged, faucet off, toilet seat down. That was easy. Wait, is the shower off? Pull the shower curtain across so the cat doesn’t get in the shower. Should I pick up the hairdrier off the floor? It’s unplugged so it doesn’t matter. What if the maintenance crew comes in, I don’t want them seeing this mess. Clean bathroom, OK.

Back to kitchen: Shoot, I just used the toilet, did I put the seat down?

Back to bathroom: Toilet seat down. OK, hairdrier unplugged, toothbrush unplugged, shower off, sink faucet off.

Back to kitchen: Range off, oven off–test both. Microwave light off, clear blinking light. Push “clear” on oven, just in case. Same to microwave, again. Coffee maker unplugged, toaster unplugged. Dishwasher locked? Fuck, I forgot to unload the dishes. Dishes unloaded. Re-tape and re-test.

Move to living room: Light on. Or should I leave it off? Could leaving it on start a fire? How did that fire in Fight Club start? Shoot, was that the oven or the refrigerator? That was a life-changing event for Tyler Durden.

Back to kitchen: Fridge door shut. Freezer door shut. Oven definitely off, but double-check. Is there anything I could do to prevent an explosion coming from one of these appliances? Shit, I just don’t know.

Back to living room: Panic attack.

Move to hallway: Stare at carbon monoxide detector. Blinking green, OK, battery is good. Test it. Stare to make sure the test didn’t drain the battery. Stare at fire alarm. Blinking green, OK, battery is OK. But wait, should I replace the batteries in case they go bad while I’m gone? Boy that beep would be annoying. Um, no, it’s OK. Green light, good.

Move to bedroom: Stare at fire alarm, blinking green. When did I last replace these batteries? One of them was recently. Shoot, which one? Do I even have batteries?

Move to kitchen: Un-tape drawer, no batteries. Shoot, OK, well I’m sure it will be fine. Re-tape, re-test. Oven off. Microwave door shut. Stove range off.

Back to hallway: I better shut this door so the cat doesn’t get in there while I’m gone. But he sometimes likes to get in there. I wonder if he’ll be lonely, I’m such a bad owner. Leaving it open will make him feel less lonely, I’m sure. I just better move everything to the top shelf so he can’t get to it.  I’m such a bad owner.

Move to living room: Panic attack.

Me to my ride: “OK, I’m sorry, I’m really ready to go this time. Just gotta walk out the door and trust things are fine, right?! Besides, the neighbors would call the property manager or the police if anything bad happened, right? I mean, unless they started the fire and couldn’t call. OK, no doomsday shit, I’m  …  Wait, what?”

My ride to me: “You just missed your flight.”

Move to kitchen: Panic attack. Oven off. Stove off. Microwave door shut.




  1. pegges

    when I read this post, I could see myself in there. long time ago, I have been the same! somehow, as I got older, I sorta got over it. I really can’t say how I got over it. It never went completely away, I just calmed down a little more over the years. But I’m still checking here and there before I leave and make sure nothing is running etc. …My husband was and is still slightly annoyed by that, but we’re together since more than 10 years, so I guess he just got used to it and lets me do my thing.

      1. pegges

        you probably will at some point. You’re definitely NOT insane!! know why this anxiety exists. you don’t want that something could happen to your cat while you are not home. I have two cats and two dogs myself and I’m always afraid something happens (like a fire) at home, while I’m not there and not able to save them. It’s a terrible thought and feeling 😦 we now have a security system in our house, that detects fire as well as other things. I think that makes it a little easier for me. News and Movies make it worse… I try to avoid watching or reading stuff where fires etc. happened… :/

      2. pegges

        yeah me too! lol. i think the only party animal we have here would be my male dog! he loves to dig in my purses and empty the garbage and spread it throughout the house. gaaah…

  2. longstreak

    Hey Mrs C (can I call you Mrs C?). Similar issues (check). Is it more of a problem than I care to admit (check). Am I totally in awe of your bravery in talking about it (check). I know it’s not always easy to find the funny side of this sort of thing, so hats off to you for doing so. My own particular brand of what I assume comes under the banner of OCD (although it’s rooted in anxiety) makes me have to check, recheck, and check again things I have written that I have to send to other people to read, even though the rational part of me knows it was fine to start with, I just can’t help myself. I’ve lost jobs through it in the past because it just looked like I was missing deadlines or slow. Fact was the documents were written way in advance but I just couldn’t bring myself to send them. On a lighter note – I’m able to submit this comment ok though, because if I’ve actually written “arse”, “balloons”, and “badgers”, all the way through it, I know it will fit right in 😀 Good luck.

  3. djkendall4

    I go through a slightly smaller scale version of this everyday, mostly involving my coffeemaker. And while that is funny, I understand the anxiety issue because I suffer from it as well.

  4. chemistry

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful information specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such information a lot. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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