Lets just forget I made that offer …

Well, that last post was an unfortunate one, as it was supposed to be accompanied by a picture sort of like this one. No, exactly like this one. But it didn’t seem to make it into the last post, potentially painting me in a strange and whorish light, having made the offer I did in closing to a bunch of strangers, on our day of national thanks, and genocidabration. Rest assured I’m not a whore and although there’s nothing wrong with being one–so I hear–it isn’t for me, and I wouldn’t have gobble gobble gobbled up anything of the like, no matter where I was in the world at that moment–or where your cock and balls were.

But, come to think of it, I did gobble gobble gobble up a bunch of booze, as was my plan all along. And, in turn, the European Union gobble gobble gobbled up most of my money before I had the chance to sober up and realize I spent $20 on a single beer. Granted, it’s one of the most rare beers I’ve come across, ever, and I’m pretty sure it tasted absolutely incredible and worth it.
Unfortunately it didn’t happen to be my first beer of the evening–it may have had the distinction of being my tenth–but anyway, it’s just not like me to spend $20 on one beer, I’m much more of a $20 for six beers type of girl, skating out on the tip, of course. But I made it and am back in the swing of things which looks like a whole shit pile of debt from here. I’m going to need even more Trappist beer to get me through these receipts …

9 thoughts on “Lets just forget I made that offer …

      1. That’s not an entirely bad quality to exhibit. The more I drink, the more money I seem to give away, in one form or another. We should hang out–I’ll give it away and you’ll steal it right back.

  1. …ah, now it makes sense – I had assumed cock and balls was the name of some obscure beer, but thought I’d best not verify that with an internet search 😀

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