sick and tired of being sick and tired

Being sick sucks; so does having to make your own chicken noodle soup and generally take care of yourself when you’re sick.  While I was holed up in my bed this weekend, attempting to keep my left nostril from flooding my bedroom floor, I had a series of long conversations with my cat, expressing how incredibly disappointed I was in him and his paws lacking opposable thumbs.  Perhaps my cat’s only flaw, it’s a serious one.  Granted that little shit probably wouldn’t have made me chicken noodle soup even if he did have opposable thumbs, and was the premier feline chef/manufacturer of chicken noodle soup.  But still, I would like to think two functioning thumbs were the only thing standing in the way of full service care this weekend.  But no, instead I had to make myself food and open my own beers.  Travesty.

Anyway, I’m telling you all this as an apology for not attempting to say, write, or post anything creative over the weekend (which now includes Friday, FYI).  I was too busy bitching and complaining to a small animal that doesn’t speak English.  There are some bloggers out there so dedicated they will post through rain, snow, sleet, and snotty head colds but I am most certainly not one of them.  And, since I forgot I should be drinking Emergen-C and cough syrup this weekend as opposed to alcohol, I’m still sick so don’t expect anything fantastic from me until Wednesday–at the earliest.  It will probably be a whole week after until it gets good.

This is me setting the standard really low here.


11 thoughts on “sick and tired of being sick and tired

      1. just in a microwave or in a pot 🙂 just as hot as you can drink it. so it doesn’t have to be boiling hot but it should be very warm. 🙂 but be aware…you’re gonna sweat like crazy …but this is good, as you are going to sweat out the sickness 🙂 you’re gonna be tired too after drinking that. so snuggle in bed after the hot beer and have a good sleep 🙂

  1. Love your blog. So glad you found mine.

    Not sure about the beer and the cold thing…my boyfriend insists that Jager helps, but I think he just thinks that because it TASTES like cough syrup and he wants an excuse to drink Jager without me yelling at him. Olive leaf extract is the only thing that kind of makes it go faster for me, although I’m miserable and whiny for two full days straight and nothing helps, not even chocolate or thoroughly annoying kitties.

      1. awesome! hope it’ll help you as much as it has helped me in the past 🙂 I’ve also heard that hot clear liquor is just as good, but from german “tradition” I only tried beer.

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