R.I.P.ost A Day

I’m back–well, still alive at least.  But I am sad to announce the death of a valiant (not really) effort (that’s stretching it) that I committed to (never intending to fulfill) some time ago (like, last week).  I’m quitting WordPress Post A Day.  Let’s be real, my commitment to posting daily was on par with my commitment to giving a shit about my appearance at work, which has all but amounted to me walking straight from my bed out the door to work.

It’s really hard to commit to blogging every day.  Actually, I guess it’s not that hard to commit to because for me committing doesn’t necessarily mean I plan on following through.  But the actual follow through is very difficult.  Think about all the things I have to do almost every day, including, but certainly not limited to: having a hearty before-work cry; drafting my resignation letter; typing an email to my coworker about how much I hate him and wish his mental breakdown would occur sooner (tomorrow) rather than later (Tuesday); deleting the email to my coworker because I’d be such a bitch to send that (!); playing ‘who can find the weirdest thing on the internet’ with people equally as bored as me, or by myself; pretending I’m too busy to answer my work phone; over-eating; printing and filing my latest resignation letter with the other letters in a hidden folder in my desk; wondering how long it’s going to take for MTV to upload last night’s episode of Jersey Shore; unscrewing a bolt in the cubicle farm in which I live, but only one at a time; starring into space and then rubbing my eyes in frustration because I’m so bored with being awake; making coffee that I forget to drink before it hits a cool 38 degrees; wondering why my office space heater constantly smells like burnt hair; internet shopping to an excessive degree; listing all the places I’d rather be than wherever I am; and repeating all the above about three more times.  Yeah, I know, I’m a super busy person.  Add sickness to that, and I’m doomed to fail.

So, instead of failing when I don’t post, I’m going to establish a reward system for when I do.  For each post, I’m going to buy myself a bag of candy.  And give myself $5, albeit of my own money.  This is good news for you readers because my two favorite things on this earth (in addition to booze, parties, long walks in the concrete jungle, cats, videos of cats, screensavers of cats, iPhone cases with cats on them, and cat-lady sweaters) are candy and money.  Bottom line: you’ll still be hearing from me often.  I know that means a lot, you’re welcome.



  1. longstreak

    You could always play the super-daring variant that is sending your resignation (or an insult, it amounts to the same thing I have found) to your boss and then seeing how long you dare leave it before doing a recall on it. Obviously this only works if a) your subject line is fairly boring and not “I hate you immensely from the bottom of my heart you twat”, and b) your boss actually does click the recall thing, and doesn’t see recalls in his/her inbox as an exciting invitation to read the original message first instead. Good luck, be daring 😀
    P.S. Apologies for the unsightly picture of my head cluttering up your otherwise aesthetically pleasing blog.

    1. catsinyourpants

      1) I have never figured out how to recall emails … Should I develop this skill?

      2) I have always wanted to call someone a twat. Always. Is there a difference between a twat and a twit?

      3) I am devastated to find out that you are not, in fact, the world’s first blogging dog. Heartbroken, even.

      1. longstreak

        1) I had a think about this and I’ve come down on the side of “no”, as I would very much like to go back to the days of “fire and forget”, rather than “fire and fret” (the fretting bit is about whether to recall or not).

        2) It is a thoroughly rewarding thing to call someone. It has a harsh vikingish edge that makes it much more cutting than twit, but without the overt rudeness of the more familiar favourites from the middle-ages (god I hope no-one who actually knows anything about English language etymology reads your blog as I will look a proper ‘nana when they correct me). Ironically I was once twatted by a thrown shoe in response to calling a friend a twat

        3) I apologise for shattering the illusion. It is a sad fact that my dog is way, way, way, way, more popular than me. His post about the visit to the vets has more views than every other post on my blog combined (bear in mind every other post has either one, or no views, so he only needed about 20 to achieve this, but still fair play to him).

  2. C. R.

    Doing a “post a day” is hard to follow through with without losing the creativity and garnering the engagement a well crafted post should. Quantity of posts is nowhere near as important as the quality of the posts. I have to remind myself of this too. I always say, “Word counts are important too, but it’s the words themselves that count the most.” ~ Cheri

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