if posts were years, I’d be dead

This is my 100th post. Don’t count, just trust me. WordPress told me it’s true, so it must be–the Internet never lies. In celebration of this accomplishment (?), I’ve calculated how much time I’ve spent on this endeavor and, because time is nothing if not money, how much I could have made if I had spent this time working, or if this exercise paid in cold, hard, cash (the only kind).

Supposing I am sufficiently inspired, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to write a single post. I’m including in this calculation about 10 to 20 minutes of performing other random tasks because I am incapable of funneling my concentration into one activity at a time. I’m not including about 10 to 15 minutes of professional-level editing and grammar checking. Nothing destroys my faith in today’s generation quite like their miserable spelling and grammatical skills. And that’s being kind. How are we supposed to defeat terrorism, find a solution to global warming, stimulate and ensure sustainable economic growth, and/or deal with our national debt if these kids can’t even bother to use periods and capitalize proper nouns–not to mention the beginning of God damn sentences! Heated. I may be behind the times but I’m fairly certain our government’s preferred means of communication is still complete sentences, either transcribed into an acceptable form of recording, or whispered straight to the ear of God, who obviously wasn’t listening this last election cycle but nevertheless appreciates grammatically correct sentence construction. Nevermind the issue of revitalizing our failed education system. On that matter, it’s obvious we’re already fucked.

But I’m getting further away from the point, assuming this post has one (it does, wait for it). I would say, 45 to 60 minutes a post, all things considered, sounds about right. With 100 posts, we’re looking at approximately 75 to 100 hours that I’ve spent writing. In terms I, and maybe you, are more likely to appreciate, that’s about $2,175 to $2,900 over the course of the last three months. So, in case you were trying to place a value on this blog, worthless though you may think it, it’s about $3,000, or its many equivalents, which include an international plane ticket, a new but definitely pre-used and old jalopy, a trip to Silverton Mountain, and countless other things that I have chosen not to purchase as a showing of commitment to this blog. Granted, my math may be wrong, and I may have not posted for a few days (or weeks) but I’m committed and that gets me almost halfway there already. So stay with me readers. I’m relatively expensive, and therefore relatively worth it.


11 thoughts on “if posts were years, I’d be dead

  1. It’s funny that you mention how long it takes you to write a blog. Just yesterday, as I was writing my blog post, I was wondering if other people need as much time as I do when writing a blog post. It takes me about an hour as well, also because I do 10 other things besides. πŸ˜€ … And I’m with you on the grammar part. It’s frightening me to see how bad the grammar of many English speaking people are (well, I think that counts for every country. The people in Germany aren’t any better) … even my English is much better than some of the native English peoples’. :/

      1. Thank you! And I don’t doubt that your English is better than the entirety of the native population. The only thing we know how to do here with respect to language is butcher it. But at least we excel at that.

      2. oh… I didn’t mean to make it seem like I’m thinking that my English is better than of everybody else. lol. I just meant that I feel like that my English grammar is better than some! πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations on 100 posts also! – being a native of the aforementioned ubiquitous language country, I am more than happy to confirm that both of your respective commands of English, p**s all over the vast majority of native speakers I come across, although I reserve the right to dispute some of your lunatic American pronunciation if that’s ok… πŸ˜€

  3. I’m pretty jealous of you. Almost everything I’ve posted (counting the multitude of distractions, the making of ridiculously horrible pictures to illustrate my thoughts, and WAY too much editing), has at least 12 hours or so into it. If you throw me working into the equation, It’s probably a full day. Two sometimes.
    Now I’m curious… I’m going to set a timer and only run it while I’m actually working on a post to see how long it takes me.
    If I were to calculate how much money I could have made while I was reading amazing things like this, I’d be a frinking bajillionaire. That makes me a little bit sad inside…

    1. A lot sad inside with the possibility of being a bajillionaire! But these blogs of ours pay off in other ways. So I keep telling myself…

      I think I can get away with putting only an hour into a post because I really am not posting about sophisticated content. I wouldn’t say no thought goes into them, but little thought goes into them compared with others, like yours.

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