Apples and Androids

The last time I was in New York City it was just after Steve Jobs passed away, and for some reason that I’m sure is beyond my PC-using mind, shit got weird outside of the Central Park Apple store.

From what I understand about him, Steve Jobs attracted people like this.  Some would call them visionaries; others, assholes and elitists.  In this case, fairly naked.  I’m not sure what about Jobs or Apple would make some haggard divorcee take her shirt off, but there she is in all her saggy glory.  I suppose I shouldn’t assume she is a divorcee–a woman this bat shit crazy may have never been scooped up by a partner.  Maybe she was initially wearing a Dell or Google shirt when she rolled up, and just found it more appropriate to be wearing nothing. I’ve been in that situation before, but in my case I threw up on myself and thought it better to be topless than covered in a vomit top.  My friends would have agreed if I hadn’t also thrown up under the bar table, which ruined our run at that place–topless or not.  Not my finest moment, or is it?

I will talk all kinds of shit about Apple products and the topless non-conformists who use and love them, while at the same time, seriously consider whether or not to buy an iPhone to accompany my iPod and iPad.  I never said I was not a complete hypocrite.  Anyway, I’m looking to you all to help me make this decision.  I have an Android phone at the moment–my sixth in terms of replacements–and this marvel of a device has taken to shutting itself off and on at its own pace.  The nice thing about an Android is that when it does shut down or power up, it sends you, and the entire senior staff population with whom you’re presently in a meeting, a helpful signal in the form of a robot calling its own name.  It’s like The Never Ending Story, except Sebastian is a much more sophisticated name than Droid. So, while you’re not the asshole with your ringer on during a meeting, you are the asshole with a phone that can’t even bother to stay on, let alone die in quiet solitude.

I need your help.  To iPhone or not, you tell me:


22 thoughts on “Apples and Androids

  1. wow.. crazy people! *head shaking*

    as for the phone question. I’m in love with my samsung galaxy s2!!! I would recommend that to everybody. very reliable, good size display (I heard Iphone user complain about the display being too small that you need glasses to read or hold it close to your eyes) … I just love my droid and my next one will be a droid as well.

    1. OK, that is helpful. I think that phone was rated highest by Consumer Reports recently. Now that you know I read Consumer Reports, I will remind you that I am not 65 but I do have a cat. Make sure to vote!

      1. lol… I think reading consumer reports before buying is very smart! I always read reviews before buying myself!!

        just saw the poll! voted!

  2. that image makes a great endorsement for a But honestly, I only see three phones that are worth the money right now, Samsung Galaxy s3, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Nokia 920. Everything else is so inferior next to these three phones.

      1. for me, camera and video are very very important. Nokia 920 has the most advanced camera on the market. I also do think the new windows8 os is pretty darn good. But you can’t go wrong with any of the other choices 🙂

      2. if having a reliable operating system is important, lean toward windows8 or iphone, those are real dedicated software companies with real research and development for their os. Don’t let android users bully you around 🙂 I have android because I do lot of hacking “questionable” things. But I will always stick to windows phone or iphone for my wife. Just FYI, she absolutely loves the windows phone.

  3. Beer works. Makes texting and calling more fun. Would you say I’m in need for an upgrade from my 2005ish Blackberry 7100t? I use it to make one call every two months.

    1. Amen! I might say you were in need for an upgrade, if I had any idea what phone that is. Anything with more than two numbers in the name is difficult for me to comprehend. But, to be on the safe side, I would say you should upgrade to a pony keg of a smooth red ale.

  4. I stopped trying to convince anyone one way or another because android people get all uppity about it, and I don’t care enough to argue with them. If you want a giant screen, get an android. If your thumb isn’t very big, get an iPhone. I’m an Apple girl. But that’s because my dad was an Apple guy and therefore I’ve never owned a PC in my entire life. So I have no nerdy reasoning to give you other than the screen thing. That seems to be the only real common divider.

    1. Fortunately, I have small thumbs, so I have some flexibility there. Did you know there are people with big toe-like thumbs? I know one, and Megan Fox is one too. Anyway, that’s creepy, and those people, I guess, would do better on Androids …

      1. Haha probably, but I meant more that when you’re trying to text with one hand while driving (which I would NEVER do, of course), you can actually reach the entire screen without straining your thumb on an iPhone. Also, Siri is fun to use to text people and let them guess what you’re trying to say. And Catwang is probably the best iPhone argument. No Catwang for droid.

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