Dear Mom, here’s the truth

Daily Prompt: Dear Mom

Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to.

Dear Mom,

With all that I have achieved so far in life, professionally and personally, it makes me happy to know that I have been able to make you proud.  Please keep all these incredible things I have done and achieved in the back of your mind, or right at the front, as you continue to read this letter.

I know you think that bloggers are self-absorbed ego-centrists who lack the drive and talent to become published writers.  I know you think the ratio between those who have a blog and those who should have a blog is 6,000,000,000:0.  I can assure you that not every human on earth has a blog, but I do understand that you think no one should.  If I recall correctly, you are also of the opinion that people who read blogs are mindless idiots, not in possession of enough intellect and attention span to read a reputable and well-crafted newspaper article.  But the thing about blogs is … I have one.

Before I get into detail, let me preface this explanation by saying a few things first: 1) I usually always keep my pants on and that was the only time, ever, that I’ve had my pants off with a gun in my hand; 2) without a safe outlet people wind up on the streets slinging drugs; 3) I don’t do many any drugs; and 4) it can always be worse.  With that being said, my blog, A Young Professional’s Professional Perspective, is a colorful, enigmatic, professional non-traditional take on the world, from the perspective of a mature, young professional.  Trust me, mom, there are blogs out there about the dumbest and most inappropriate stuff, or about absolutely nothing!  Like this one.  But not mine.  I was even recognized by WordPress (the website that paid me the most money to host my blog!) for a wonderful piece I wrote on pie charts.  I think even you would have been impressed by the high-level writing, sophisticated content, and substantial editing that characterized that post.

That’s it, mom.  That’s what I’ve been wanting to get off my chest this whole time.  It feels so much better to have told the truth.  I promise that everything I write on my blog would make you proud, mom.  Everything.

Love, E.


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