Twas the work day before Christmas …

… and all through the office,
just a few employees stirring, trying to see where their boss is.
Their Out of Office messages had been set with care,
in the hopes that vacation would soon be there.

The employees were restless, not working at their desks,
the thought of going home was so picturesque.
And the boss was at home, spending time with family.
He, his wife and children, all rolling in money.

And I at my cubicle, staring out into space,
raiding the holiday treats and stuffing my face.
Trying real hard to find my holiday cheer,
but just coming back to wanting out of here.

Outside on the street, I heard such a clatter,
I jumped out of my cubicle to see what was the matter.
Away to the windows that only open a crack,
I zipped open the blinds, and accidentally ripped them off track.

The grey in the sky and the clouds over head,
made me even more pissed that I wasn’t still in bed.
But there was nothing outside, not one single soul,
it was all in my head, having to work was taking its toll.

So I grabbed my purse and my warm puffy coat,
took a blank piece of paper and on it I wrote:
“I can’t stay in the office, this is absolute hell,
I’m going home for the day, and I don’t care if you tell.”

I put the note on my desk and walked out of the door,
so excited to leave and not be there anymore.
And with that I left and I didn’t look back.
Who works on Christmas Eve?! I’m over that crap!


2 thoughts on “Twas the work day before Christmas …

  1. I’m a few days late, but I have to say this poem is amazing!! Possibly one of the best things I’ve ever read. As someone who has always worked holidays (in the restaurant biz it’s the busiest time) I would love to tell my co-workers to shove it as I’m dashing through the door. Instead I just start drinking around 9am. It dulls the pain.

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