Ads In Your Pants

It has come to my attention through the two faithful readers I have that Cats In Your Pants has become Ads In Your Pants.  Just so we’re clear here, I am not getting paid for the ads that appear in various locations on my page, and WordPress is.  A small price, I guess, for giving me a free platform on which to rant and rave about useless nothings, but I do find it disappointing that I have no say in the content of these ads.  If I did, I would be plugging things and companies that I, personally, find awesome–and that most normal people find useless, boring, and/or for the mentally insane.  Here are a few examples of companies and their products that you would see on my blog if I had a say in the matter:

uncommon goods where you can find this very impressive DJ Cat Scratching Pad:

cat DJ

Poochie Heaven which, despite the clearly discriminatory and thoughtless name, also sells to the feline aficionado:

cat wedding dress

Pussies on Parade which retails these must-have (and indeed I do) t-shirts:

meow is the time

This Justine Justin Bieber pleasure doll which I’m not sure where you can find, but I have a few guesses, none of which are safe for work …


The Squatty Potty–illustrated below and in far more detail via an impressive Prezi presentation on their website which, at the risk of stating the obvious, is

SP ad

And last but not least, because I forgot to wear a bra today, I present to you the Wine Rack.  Both self-explanatory and super convenient, this retails at The Beerbelly.


Even though I can’t replace boring Lego and sports ads with those above, the upshot is that the ads appearing on my page seem to be tailored to certain key words and content found in my posts.  I fear what that means for many of my posts, but yet I have hope that with increased blogging about cat cat-hair dolls, officiating cat weddings, and getting trashed from my bra, I just might steer the advertising focus in a better direction.


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