Tweet Twitter Quitter

I have a dilemma and I need your advice.  Then again, last time I needed your advice only 1/10 of the readers who viewed the post actually voted and of those who did, the resulting recommendation had me buying $300 in beer over a new phone.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the recommendation and have indeed followed through with that, but a wad of 300 1-spots really makes a shoddy phone.  But I’ll give it another good college try this time.

I have a Twitter account that I opened and maintain for the sole purpose of pushing this blog to apparently absolutely no one.


The entirety of my friends on Twitter consist of snowboard companies who never listen to or even acknowledge my incessant plea for free stuff, obscure indie bands whose reputation I am only hurting by adding to their popularity, and random people who followed me just because and who I follow back for the same, very logical reason. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the comedians who are either nationally or not-at-all recognized–it doesn’t look like there is any in-between in the comedy world.

I have less followers than a ham sandwich (@_HamSandwhich_) which is depressing and hunger-inducing.  I hate everything about Twitter, especially having to do it and having to do it poorly because I don’t know how to do it.  I guess what I’m saying is I’m not sure if I want to Twitter anymore, and because I can’t make any serious decisions with far-reaching consequences on my own and without immediate regrets, I need you all to tell me what to do.  Whatever you all recommend is what I’ll do, and if no one bothers to chime in, I’m going to eat a 6-pack of cupcakes and complain.


17 thoughts on “Tweet Twitter Quitter

  1. I am your only vote so far, those two jerks up there that liked your blog post didn’t bother to vote.

    If it’s not doing anything for you, get off of Twitter. All the cool kids are using Pinterest these days to share their brilliant craft ideas and suggestions for what to do with cream of chicken soup casseroles anyway. Pinterest is where it’s at, ten out of ten mommybloggers agree.

    I am going to bookmark your blog. Because I like you.

    1. I know, not voting is, like, un-American or some shit. I appreciate your vote and am tending toward your point. I have a story about Pinterest and it doesn’t end well (for Pinterest). But that was before I started getting into cat hair cat dolls. Maybe I should give it another shot now and take those mommys by furry storm.

      1. I would pay money for a cat hair cat doll, not a lot of money, but money. Do you do other animal hair animal dolls as well, like squirrel or camel?

      2. I’ve actually not made one yet, mainly because I’ve found so much gratification in just fantasizing about it. That being said, if you’re willing to pay money for one, I would definitely be willing to try. And if I’m successful, and you are satisfied with your purchase, I may just branch out into different animals. I wouldn’t do a squirrel hair doll though, I would just mail the squirrel. Why reinvent the wheel, you know?

  2. I’d say… definitely yes… stay on it. It doesn’t cost you money and even if you don’t use it, it doesn’t bother you either! If you’ve got your blog connected to your twitter account, then all your blog posts get send to all your followers, which is just good advertising, no matter who follows you or not. and as an added bonus… I’ll follow you too! 😉 😀

  3. I almost voted to get off it, but you can’t knock it if you’ve never tried it, right? I’ve never twatted before, but seems like you should to get this sweeeet blog out there. Get better at it, whatever that means….

  4. Although I attempt to use twitter to do marketing-type things, I think I’ve only ever gotten maybe one or two hits ever from it. Therefore, I use it mostly as my newsfeed. Keeping up with Chad Ochocinco takes up half of my day. And he even uses correct grammar! Don’t know where he finds the time, but then, he IS unemployed.

      1. Also, if you’re a science nerd like me (I have no idea if you are but you seem somewhat like-minded from your posts) – Neil DeGrasse Tyson is always interesting. On a side note, I got two hits from twitter on my blog today. No idea why. Yay I guess?

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