GFY Home Depot

I’m doing some home-improvement type stuff for my attitude. Like real home improvement programs, I will most likely abandon it after expending a bunch of money and effort. Who am I kidding, I haven’t attempted or even thought to attempt a single home-improvement project in my life. I think you need an actual home for that, which I do not have or want until I have a trampoline to put inside of it. That’s right, inside.

My thought, anyway, was to challenge myself to not say anything negative about another person. I know what you’re thinking–how am I going to write successful posts without saying anything negative about others? Well, my self-deprecating sense of humor has the upshot of focusing most negative comments on myself, but just in case I suppose I should qualify this experiment in a few ways.

I will only try it for a specific amount of time because, if nothing else, I’m realistic. We’ll start with two weeks and further limit, if needed, to virtually nothing. I would also limit this experiment to those whom I know personally. At all times, I place a premium on shit talking to strangers. Plus, as I have alluded to in prior posts, snowboard season is in full gear and there are few ways aside from talking shit to get your point across to both the morons of Summit County and the out-of-town assholes that flock to my great state with their less-than great families. I’m also going to apply this rule only to those with whom I am friends. That may sound strange to you, but as a girl (or a female far too old to be referring to herself as a girl) I am 100% positive that my friends talk shit about me in one way or another. It doesn’t bother me, it’s just the reality of being a girl who is inevitably bitchy from time to time. In my case ‘from time to time’ means every second I’m awake. We’re all like this, some women just delude themselves into thinking what they are doing is venting to their partner or chatting with another girlfriend. Nope, shit talker! But I don’t mind, haters hate, just get it out of the way before we go get hammered and spin around on a stripper pole like uncoordinated morons. Because when that’s happening, I don’t want drama, just dollars.

Anyway, I’m going to give it two weeks, starting NOW. I’ll be honest and report back on my failures and/or successes and if it doesn’t work out, then everyone I know can go fuck themselves. OK, starting now …



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