This is 32

I got to spend the weekend with this guy.  Jealous?  Yeah, you should be.


If you’re wondering what’s going on don’t, because I really can’t explain it.  I will say that where there is one adult onesie, there are bound to be more.  And where there are multiple adult onesies, there are bound to be guns and a Mr. McGibblets costume.  And when you’ve got all that going on, it’s a time so good it’s hard to remember the next morning.  So, if I saw you last night or–more appropriately–you saw me, I’m not sorry.


2 thoughts on “This is 32

  1. I’m so intrigued. It’s not a promotion for the league because its not football season. I also didn’t think that was a real children’s character, but being childless, I’m blissfully unaware of these things. I can’t really explain any of it, actually. Now I’m overly curious.

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