Pie Chart Friday: Nothing To Do Edition

It’s Pie Chart Friday, but more importantly, it’s Friday.  After an absolutely insane work week, I am all fired up to do apparently nothing tonight.  I guess I should be at that age where not having something to do on a Friday night doesn’t get my panties in a bundle but my panties are bundled—end scene.  Thankfully, I am mostly past the age where these situations spark a dramatic lamentation over my absent social life, although come to think of it … no, nevermind.

I tend to be creative and can usually have a pretty good time by myself so I’ll approach this evening with that attitude.  Besides, there are a ton of stay-at-home things to do on a Friday night: the Friday night Lifetime Original Network Movie; Law & Order re-runs on at least two channels (one showing SVU, the other Criminal Intent); Criminal Minds re-runs starting at 8 p.m.; Comcast’s OnDemand selection of free movies which includes Species 1, 2, 3, and 4; half-assed Pilates on a yoga mat in front of the TV; the obligatory once-a-month clean; the more thorough I’m-trying-to-keep-occupied rearranging of all your hard copy photos from the last two decades; reorganizing the closet and shoe collection by color this time, including a pathetic attempt to give away items; and myriad other activities that I’m sure exist but that I’ve never had to think of because I’m usually not at home on a Friday night.

Back to thinking positively—a new trick I am trying out after reading about its benefits in Oprah’s monthly magazine O—there are a few things that I can look forward to on my Friday-night in.

PCF nothing to do edition

Jealous?  Probably not but Happy Pie Chart Friday anyway!


2 thoughts on “Pie Chart Friday: Nothing To Do Edition

  1. Do you really eat 4 dinners and 2 desserts?! I do it the other way around. 2 dinners and 4 desserts, because dessert is the best part. That probably also explains why my pants have mysteriously jumped numbers on me…
    Damn it.

    FYI: Spaceballs has also been on demand for awhile. That’s been my go-to lately when there’s nothing else on and I can’t watch (aka: listen to in the background because I’m on my computer anyways) the same re-run of Criminal Minds again. “I already know who the killer is, Hotch. And, Derek — get your fine ass over here. I have a criminal that needs profiling…”

    1. I LOVE Spaceballs! Now that you have informed me of this, I won’t need to leave the house for at LEAST a week! Just imagine how many dinners and desserts I can consume in that amount of time?!

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