Pie Chart Friday: Adam Sandler edition

I hate Adam Sandler.  I can honestly say that aside from a few funny comments and/or scenes here and there in his movies–generally on account of someone not Adam Sandler–I don’t like a single one.  So I wasn’t a bit surprised when a phrase from Grown Ups was thrown around last night without me catching onto the reference.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, like me, it seems to be about a bunch of grown-ass men acting like shit-ass kids.  If you’ve seen the movie you’d remember because it isn’t anything like any of his other movies … …  Apparently, at one point in the movie, the following exchange occurs between grown-ass men and real shit-ass kids (thank you IMDb):

Marcus Higgins: Hey Lenny, remember when we’d come here after we got wasted?

Donna Lamonsoff: [Hearing what Marcus just said] What’s wasted?

Lenny Feder: Nice one, Higgins. Wasted is when you have a hankering for ice cream.

[All the kids are talking about wanting to get wasted]

Donna Lamonsoff: I want to get wasted every day of my life.

Becky Feder: I want to get chocolate wasted.

And thus, apparently, “chocolate wasted” was born.  How many people knew about this at the bar last night?

PCF Sandler

Here is why this particular figure and accompanying pie chart is relevant:

When the girl I was talking to across the bar threw out “chocolate wasted” in discussing her weekend, I threw back “white girl wasted”–naturally, because she was black, and I’m white.

So, that happened.  Happy Pie Chart Friday!


3 thoughts on “Pie Chart Friday: Adam Sandler edition

  1. oh… I didn’t think that there are people out there hating Adam Sandler. Besides him being pretty sexy to me, I love movies he’s in and I feel that he is hilarious and a great actor. But..we don’t have to hate each other because of that 🙂

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