Pie Chart Friday: Sprained edition

Two weeks ago, I sprained my ankle and/or broke my foot (the jury is still out on medicine), simply by being ambulatory.  I’m talented, what can I say.  Then, last weekend, I re-sprained it, performing exactly the same activity.  There was talent oozing all over the place, you should have been there–but I probably wouldn’t have remembered if you were.  The unfortunate thing about having a sprained ankle is that when I need to put on my professional costume, everything is tailored to four inch heels.  What’s a girl to do?

Well, I don’t know about girls, but this badass bitch wrapped that shit up, threw on the heels, and made an appearance at work today dressed like a professional for our Executive Committee meeting.  While what transpired may not have been professional and/or badass, it was nevertheless a good laugh and will therefore be the subject of today’s Pie Chart Friday.

Here are some of the downfalls to wearing heels with a sprained ankle, proportioned by the significance of the lesson learned:

PCF Sprain

Happy Pie Chart Friday and safe walking, my friends!



  1. pp72

    Bacon quiche for breakfast? Is that even legal? I’ve come across bacon baps and sausage cobs at breakfast meetings before, but the presence of a quiche at that time of day is a new one on me. Dare I ask what other things make it onto this surprising breakfast trolley?

    1. catsinyourpants

      Well, after I took out the bacon quiche, we were left with broccoli and spinach quiche, fruit, and muffins covered in industrial size (and strength) sugar crystals. There was also a basket of bagels but I had molested most of them on my way down. We had a lot of bagels left over.

      1. pp72

        Wow, that’s quite a breakfast, I’m going to suggest that at my work. They currently call our morning stand-ups “Baps & Claps”, which sounded a lot more fun before I actually went to one and discovered the “Baps” were just bacon in a bun, and the “Claps” were grudging co-workers rounds of applause, rather than the Austin Powers interpretation I’d put on it. I’m thinking maybe suggesting something like “Quiche & Speech” might prompt a bit more variety in future…

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