will steal costumes for booze

This is long overdue, for my friend and fellow blogger Lisa who, don’t you fret, has not had her baby stolen.  Yet.

How I Stole A Penguin Suit by El Abernathy

Once upon a time, in the sleepy, snowy town of Vail, Colorado, 500 people gathered together on the top of a ski resort to get shit-hammer drunk and badly injured on their way down the slope.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (but only because we had run out of Target boxed sangria).  Thankfully, there was vodka.

penguin 1

And best friends …

Penguin 2

And then there was this guy!

Penguin 3

And then he went to the bathroom and I stole his costume.

Penguin 4

The End.

And then I started a fight with an infant in a Mexican restaurant.

The End.


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