Pie Chart Friday: Cats In Your Japants edition

Everything questionable but unquestionably weird is popular in Japan, including (probably) Two Girls and One Cup and (definitely!) any and all P-Diddy Making the Band creations. I’m not sure why this is, but I am intrigued and willing to take my chance in furtherance of a successful career filled with drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll, and Cats in Harijuku Girls’ Pants.

Since this isn’t WWII and the Japanese won’t come to me (inappropriate), it looks like I have to go to them, so I’m packing my bags and heading to Tokyo for the three-day weekend, stars in my eyes and a souvenir-request list from my friends containing nothing but “little girls’ underwear from a vending machine.”  Alright …  Any trip is too short, but three days in the Land of the Rising Sun is better than none days and I’m confident I can ride in like an A-Bomb and inflict the maximum amount of damage in the minimum amount of time (unquestionably inappropriate).

I’ve always been able to pack light but this trip is proving to be more difficult than others in terms of prioritizing items and maximizing space in my carry on.  Since I’m only going for a few days, I can’t justify a checked bag and anyway, if I were to bring one, I’d have to find a better excuse for not bringing home a vending-machine full of an eight-year-old’s panties than “didn’t have room dudes, totes sorry.”  But with the trip looming, I’ve still got some space issues to work through and am hoping you have some suggestions as to non-essential items.

Here is what’s taking up the most room in my suitcase at the moment:


Advice welcome, and if I’m missing anything, you’ve got 18 hours to remind me.  Otherwise, I’ll catch you on the frip side (never appropriate). 


2 thoughts on “Pie Chart Friday: Cats In Your Japants edition

  1. Can I just tell you right now how much I love you? (Now imagine a whole bunch of tear-jerking awesomeness because I’m too lazy to be gushy at the moment. It’s almost 3:30 AM, and I’m on the verge of falling asleep on my keyboard.) I laughed SO HARD for SO LONG when I read this. “Frip side” made me really lose my shit.

    I have a friend that lives in Japan right now, and she’s always sending me awesomely weird stuff from there. My favorite to date was a bag of butt candy. Seriously. It’s based on a cartoon that features a bug that goes around trying to bite people on the butt all the time. It was delicious AND entertaining.

    I realize now that I’m posting as you’re coming back, but I REALLY hope that you took the Godzilla costume and wore it… It DOESN’T get any better than that. Because it’s probably inappropriate, and super awesome.

    Did you try folding up the kimono into a tiny square and storing it INSIDE the lunchbox? That would save like a whole 5% worth of space, at least!

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