seeking misery, not company

Everyone has those times when things in life are coming up Milhouse, so much so that you need to chase after something that will make you completely miserable, just to even things out.  I find myself at this stage, so have been kicking around the idea of getting back on Facebook.  As you may know, I have been in recovery and Facebook-free for a significant amount of time now but when I had it, it made me miserable, and it’s a similar kind of misery for which I’m now looking.  Perhaps more importantly, but not necessarily so, I also happen to be searching for opportunities to spread the word about my blog because I’m still riding that snake. Wait, that’s a drug metaphor.  Whatever.

Anyway, I think this go round would be a bit different.  For one, this Facebook trip wouldn’t involve my friends because they stopped reading my blog after I stopped paying them, and I stopped paying them after I realized they never learned to read.  I also don’t think I would be enticed to Facestalk, I’m kind of over that phase of my life.  I do sometimes still look into other apartment buildings with binoculars, but I’m not a creeper.  Furthermore, I wouldn’t even have to have an individual page, I could make a fan page because I’m my biggest (and only) fan and it makes sense to start there.

My time for bad advice is now, readers.  Many of you have Facebook pages, so tell me, is it worth it?  Keep in mind I’m looking for somewhere between low- and mid-level misery; I do have a day job that keeps me plenty miserable…  Do people pay attention to your page?  Do people read through to your blog from them?  Can people on Facebook even read?  I know, that’s a stupid question, I’m sure a few of them can.  Tell me what to do, readers, just like when you all suggested I spend $300 on beer instead of a new phone.  Damn, what a good decision that was.  



  1. Ciera Choate

    You should definitely get back on Facebook. I make myself miserable as well, but then people post cute pictures of kittens and it makes me happy. Also, when I wrote on a regular basis, I always had more hits from Facebook than Twitter.

  2. fugitivedog

    As a 5 time FB quitter and re-starter, I recommend getting back on, if only to remind yourself why you left last time. A very wise man who lives 2 doors down the road from me, once said;

    “The trick is – not to throw things away when you fall out with them. Just put them to one side for a while, and if they’re any good, you’ll re-kindle an interest for them in your own sweet time.”

    Wise words indeed, although slightly hypocritical, as the next time I saw him, he was in the process of stuffing a large, broken, radio-controlled aeroplane into his dustbin, and swearing he would never buy another one.

      1. fugitivedog

        Ok, since I let you down badly on the not-producing-a-humiliating-work-music-festival-video after your equally good advice on how to deal with that particular predicament, I feel duty bound to show you the dustbin as per your request:,-0.784426&spn=0.000002,0.001629&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=52.720292,-0.784426&panoid=w8Emal0ufoRYZ42eHgrMtw&cbp=12,3.33,,2,7.64

        It’s the grey one on the right. Enjoy 😀

        P.S. Before you ask, I’m not sure what it is that the lady who lives next door to the wise man is doing, but you can bet it’s something she wished she hadn’t been immortalized doing forever more on Google street view.

  3. Arlene

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