Mewving on Up

It’s been too long since I’ve mocked the artistic skills of Thomas Peipert in my Mewve Over Photojournalists and Keep On Mewving Photojournalists series, which really was never a series to anyone but me.  Well, third time is a charm, and since he’s still upset at me for spilling the beans about him being below the official poverty line, I thought I would give him some air time and CatPaint! the shit out of some of his photographs.

If you like his work, can forgive him for not being creative enough to CatPaint! in the original pieces, and want to send him some money–or you don’t like his work but want to send him some money anyway because you couldn’t imagine only making $11K a year–please visit his website at:

TP contact information

Don’t worry, his site has not been compromised despite my search engine’s warning to the contrary and if it has, he and I are through–charity be damned.

As you will see, just like a Lean Pocket, his website has all the trappings of legitimacy, in spite of his ongoing state of impoverishment.  Whether or not you’re sending him money, please leave all negative comments here; he doesn’t read my blog anyway and I would hate for someone who struggles to meet government-subsidized rent to be directly insulted.  Should you have any negative comments about my rendering of his work–as if–file them in your trashcan.  Thomas and I will probably be digging through it at some point or another anyway.





You’re welcome.



3 thoughts on “Mewving on Up

  1. Google classified my site as compromised after I tried to insert advertisements (after all, I am below the poverty line and have to make a few extra cents somehow, right?). The first “random” ad was for Cialis, the boner drug. I think Google scanned my site, found the phrase “erection lasting more than four hours” and thought I was peddling porn. Nice cat painting, by the way.

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