A Sober Stumble Upon?

Part of the beauty of WordPress is that I’m on it one can customize their blog to better enable readers to share their posts through a variety of social networking platforms.  Thankfully, I do not suffer from the delusion  that people want to do anything with my posts–especially read them–with the exception of following my blog with the hope I’ll follow back.  Well, I ain’t no follow back girl.  I just wrote that and yes I regret it, as does Gwen Stefani, of that I am sure.

Anyway, should a reader wish to, they could spread my blog posts like Herpes, using all of today’s standard methods of social media which have more in common with Herpes than most people care to admit: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pin(the Bane of My Exins)trest.  But just today, I noticed a new one, Stumble Upon.  It does not surprise me that I don’t know about Stumble Upon, seeing as how I barely even know what the Internet is.  But I do know what the Internet is not–a place where I want to spend much time–so I look on any new social media and/or networking tools with a healthy degree of skepticism, that borders on unhealthy and paranoid.

From what I can tell, Stumble Upon is yet another platform for bringing together lonely, anti-social humans and the websites they need to fuel their delusions of living a fulfilling life.  Unless, of course, this particular tool is bringing readers to my blog and, if it is, it could be the greatest thing on the internet–second only to my blog, of course.  But I highly doubt this is the case, so I’ll return to my diatribe about Al Gore and his having invented the Internet.

I stumble upon almost everything, especially after a few cocktails, so I can’t fathom why I would want to stumble upon things on the Internet. That’s my one safe space where I’m not required to be ambulatory.  I mean, if I wanted to stumble upon cat videos on the Internet, nevermind, I always want to stumble upon cat videos on the Internet, but that’s what the Internet and cats are for.  What I’m struggling with is why one would need Stumble Upon to take them to Keyboard Cat, when you could just get there directly.  Isn’t that already in your bookmarks, if not set as your home screen?

Maybe Stumble Upon directs people to the obvious in a non-obvious way, a confusing but understandable proposition given the median IQ of Americans these days.  I don’t know–I don’t have the energy to join and find out and, frankly, after giving Pintrest a few hours of my life–that I will never, never get back–I have no desire to experiment in that way again. In fact, I’d rather experiment with an overweight lesbian in a tub full of Jello.  Pin that.  Or this.


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