White Lies

Once upon a time, I used to publish posts about bands that excited me and/or songs that made toilet paper look like the new Teen Mom sex toy.  But unlike a fairy tale, these posts were not filed in the Happily Ever After drawer so I stopped doing them.  Coming full circle a year later, it turns out that I don’t care so I’m going to do it again.  Lately, entire albums are like affordable women’s clothing–desperate, dismal, and depressing.  I can’t think of a non-designer fashion piece that I’ve been excited about for years, although I wouldn’t rely on my credit card statements to bolster that claim.  It’s true though, and every time I peruse new trends and season releases, I cry and am plunged into such a state of despair that only spending will dig me out.  I also swear to myself–and women around the world–that I will emerge as a promising new designer and change the fashion world forever.  I came close once, and by close I mean my best friend called the Art Institute to see how much a class in fashion design was.  I can’t remember the outcome of that conversation …

I’m digressing more than usual here, and would just end this horrible harangue by suggesting you listen to the new White Lies album Big TV.  It is blowing my mind and in case you’re wondering what that looks like, it does involve beer and candy.


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