take an upper; this post is a downer

I went to college. Hold the applause. No seriously. OK, thank you. Thank you. Really appreciate it. You’re all too kind.


Disney owns this shit, obviously.

Get out! Alright, let’s get on with it.

Every now and then (although I’m sure there’s actually a very regimented publication schedule behind the effort), I get an Alumni Association newsletter in the mail. I won’t tell you what it’s called, as doing so would immediately reveal the pedigree of the university and the calibre of our football program. Or maybe not …

Nevertheless, several years ago, I was flipping through this newsletter and caught the name of a close high school friend of mine. And to be fair, we were also friends in college, but for the most part, I was too busy then hanging out with dudes who mixed urine in their ice cream for recognition and status. I know you’re jealous; it was pretty fun.

But the listing wasn’t in the revolting Class Notes section with the marriage and promotion notices that just infuriate a never-going-to-be-married underachiever. This listing was in the In Memoriam section.


You know what that means, although when you see something like that, you almost don’t know what it means for a few minutes. Boy, I couldn’t believe I missed that. The event, not the listing. I saw that. For certain.

I was reminded of that today, as I opened the latest edition of the Alumni Newsletter and flipped, as I always do now, to the In Memoriam section. It’s morbid as shit, but the likelihood of seeing a listing of someone I know/knew is becoming more and more likely. It’s also sad to think about all those people I lost touch with–by accident or by design–whose life will be summarized for me in 6-point font in the back of a college newsletter that they probably won’t print for much longer.

I raise this not to spiral your Monday into mad-shit depression, but rather as a reminder to keep in touch with those you care about. Stay active in the lives of those you love. Don’t lose them (and if you do, hopefully there’s a newsletter out there for you).

Here’s a photo of a cat going to the bathroom in a toilet to lighten the mood:






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