complex conflict

Having lost the battle with my apartment company, I have resigned myself to the reality that I will remain in this poor-couples-with-toy-dog hell hole for another month and will then be paying double rent for longer than I should have to, which is not at all.  The only redeeming quality of my current residence is […]


Bike to Bars Day

It’s Bike to Work Day 2013 (obviously, right?), so you can bet I spent part of the morning on my Hymen Buster 3000.  Bike to Work Day happens to be one of my favorite summer social events, and it usually ends up being more like Bike to Breakfast and Another Breakfast and Another Breakfast Day.  […]



… as in kickballing. No one has ever accused me of being athletic, nor would they. People have accused me of being a lush, though, so you can imagine how at home I felt at my first beer-league kickball game recently. Finally, a place where I am accepted for who I am not, which is […]