Behaving Badly

where everybody knows your name

It’s getting to be summertime now and the last of our ski resorts is just weeks away from closing. In fact, thanks to WordPress’s customized publishing function, while you’re reading this post I’m hammered. Oh, and also up at the resort maybe doing a bit of riding. We’ll see. Anyway, the start of summer means […]


your search ends here

For those of you not blogging on WordPress, and who have somehow found their way onto this blog, there is a statistics function whereby you can track a number of incredibly relevant and usually depressing statistics.  You’ll remember—maybe not so much—when I wrote about the view-by-country statistics.  Well, another one that I find truly interesting […]


mini fights with mini vans

I have a lot of anger and angst pent up in this little (and expanding) body. Sometimes, when I’m driving, walking, shopping, doing laundry, coming home, going to work, riding the bus–what I mean is all the time, not sometimes–I get really combative with those around me. So much so that I frequently imagine confrontations […]