Now leaving the launch complex

Remember this movie? Hell yeah you do. How could you forget? Look at that beautiful dumb idiot; who hasn’t lost themselves in those eyes for a week or two … OK, definitely not the point. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time, as some might suggest, starring in my own Failure to Launch movie. Produced […]


Just Another Magic Monday

I don’t know why I’m surprised when Mondays turn into shit show central around here, it’s exactly the same drill every week. By the time I get in, Harriet Hates Her Job has successfully brewed the worst tasting coffee in the history of bad office coffee.  She will naturally have forgotten to wash the filter […]


Happy Mew Year

Happy New Year, friends!  Although yesterday was the most appropriate time to make such a declaration, the New Year doesn’t really begin for me until the second day of January, at which time I can (usually) walk in a straight line and (sort of) think straight (or as straight as it gets).  And of course, […]


oh, it’s been broughten

We all know that in the real world, a good old-fashioned beat down takes place in cheer-leading outfits on the football field.  Unfortunately, those of us in the professional world do not have the benefit of pom-poms, do not have regular access to football fields, and could not fit into cheer-leading outfits if we wanted […]


the intern

Why I am avoiding the intern, for the record: I am already aware of her propensity for bad tattoos. I do not have any projects I need her to brutally destroy. I am caught up on all the relationship drama already. I cannot provide any badly needed psychological help or advice, aside from the following: […]