Merry Bitchmas!

Hello there!  You know what day it is … yep, it’s the day that America’s shitty humans forget how to operate their motor vehicles, but nevertheless take to the nation’s roads and highways in droves.  Oh, and it’s Christmas, too. Merry Christmas, but back to the point. What is it about this time of year that causes […]


seat 16b(aby)

The baby is the longtime dreaded seat partner on an aircraft, with the growing exception of the massively obese person who hasn’t given themselves the courtesy of purchasing the seat block that their body necessitates. However, the unfortunate overweight partner can often justify a move to another seat, on the theory that a) you cannot […]


the badbye

To say it’s been a challenging year would be like calling a cucumber a pickle. Well, sort of. Anyway, my point is that I’m not all that surprised to have found myself driving across the country and through the middle of nowhere last weekend, for purposes of saying goodbye to a dying family member. The […]