Dear Sirs:

The only thing I hate more than working is looking for another place to work. I’m not 15 anymore, so my standards for employment are a bit higher than $5.50/hr, a plastic name tag, and two company aprons.  Specifically, I’m looking for at least $10 an hour and I’ll wear any company fringe required. I […]


the intern

Why I am avoiding the intern, for the record: I am already aware of her propensity for bad tattoos. I do not have any projects I need her to brutally destroy. I am caught up on all the relationship drama already. I cannot provide any badly needed psychological help or advice, aside from the following: […]



I’ve developed a healthy case of insomnia lately and am slowly going fucking insane.  As you can see from this chart I prepared in advance of my performance review, my work is suffering. I am prepared to create an improvement plan for the productivity and communication issues.  The professionalism, well, it’s a work in progress […]