Hangover. Hungover. Game over.

In addition to horrible decisions, alcohol leads to hangovers. This is a fact of the universe and no amount of 50-Cent endorsed hangover cure patches will prevent them. Some argue that booze will cure a hangover, and while I’m a fan of trying this each and every time I’ve got one, the only thing it […]


Facebook: 1. My birthday: 0.

I’m learning that being off Facebook is really hard around the time of your birthday, because without Facebook to tell all your “friends” that it’s your birthday, it’s like it doesn’t exist. Well, more like you don’t exist, but with you goes your birthday. Obviously. It’s times like these when you know who your hardcore […]


Ted Lardy

My birthday is this week. ┬áIt is always one of my favorite occasions and seems to always be one of–if not the–most disappointing days of the year, apart from Administrative Professional’s Day, which I find wholly depressing because even those celebrating it know that a day in their honor doesn’t dampen the reality that administrative […]