Bike to Bars Day

It’s Bike to Work Day 2013 (obviously, right?), so you can bet I spent part of the morning on my Hymen Buster 3000.  Bike to Work Day happens to be one of my favorite summer social events, and it usually ends up being more like Bike to Breakfast and Another Breakfast and Another Breakfast Day.  […]



I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately.  I really like yoga, there are so, so many benefits to practicing yoga and I can’t begin to explain how fucking sick I am of hearing about all of them. My biggest complaint about practicing yoga is that you have to do it with other people, and […]


Bitch Camp

Now that it’s summer I’m focusing on getting in shape which means I’ll be bikini ready by mid-November. This is not surprising–I’m always late, a trait that almost never works out in my favor; fortunately, I never care.  But it would be nice to accomplish what I know, deep down, will be jack shit before […]