White Lies

Once upon a time, I used to publish posts about bands that excited me and/or songs that made toilet paper look like the new Teen Mom sex toy.  But unlike a fairy tale, these posts were not filed in the Happily Ever After drawer so I stopped doing them.  Coming full circle a year later, […]


seat 16b(aby)

The baby is the longtime dreaded seat partner on an aircraft, with the growing exception of the massively obese person who hasn’t given themselves the courtesy of purchasing the seat block that their body necessitates. However, the unfortunate overweight partner can often justify a move to another seat, on the theory that a) you cannot […]


A Sober Stumble Upon?

Part of the beauty of WordPress is that I’m on it one can customize their blog to better enable readers to share their posts through a variety of social networking platforms.  Thankfully, I do not suffer from the delusion  that people want to do anything with my posts–especially read them–with the exception of following my […]