pop it like it’s hot

I am most definitely not one to ignore a sign from God, especially one suggesting that I take my shirt off, so I was a bit confused and slightly torn over how to handle the situation when the chest-central button on my blouse busted off in the middle of a lunch meeting today. At first, […]


Pie Chart Friday: reader advice edition

Happy Pie Chart Friday, readers–especially one reader in particular who took me up on my gracious offer of providing horrendous advice and may have unknowingly jump-started my very successful career as an R-rated advice columnist.  Only time will tell, but I have already started spending and celebrating as if this career trajectory is a given, […]


Just Another Magic Monday

I don’t know why I’m surprised when Mondays turn into shit show central around here, it’s exactly the same drill every week. By the time I get in, Harriet Hates Her Job has successfully brewed the worst tasting coffee in the history of bad office coffee.  She will naturally have forgotten to wash the filter […]