seat 16b(aby)

The baby is the longtime dreaded seat partner on an aircraft, with the growing exception of the massively obese person who hasn’t given themselves the courtesy of purchasing the seat block that their body necessitates. However, the unfortunate overweight partner can often justify a move to another seat, on the theory that a) you cannot […]


red rugs–Parts I and II

This post proceeds in two parts for the following reason: what occurred in the hours after initially drafting Part I was far more entertaining than anything I could have written after my boss rudely interrupted me, requesting my presence at a meeting I forgot to put on my calendar. Hence, it no longer flows with […]


F9 725

I travel a lot.  I love traveling.  A lot.  In fact, it’s my priority, second only to massive procreation to repopulate the world with semi-intellectual humans, but Project Ovary Overload hasn’t been launched yet.  Despite this love of travel, sometimes the act of coming and going gets tedious and even I suffer from the occasional […]