Dear Sirs:

The only thing I hate more than working is looking for another place to work. I’m not 15 anymore, so my standards for employment are a bit higher than $5.50/hr, a plastic name tag, and two company aprons.  Specifically, I’m looking for at least $10 an hour and I’ll wear any company fringe required. I […]


pop it like it’s hot

I am most definitely not one to ignore a sign from God, especially one suggesting that I take my shirt off, so I was a bit confused and slightly torn over how to handle the situation when the chest-central button on my blouse busted off in the middle of a lunch meeting today. At first, […]


Bike to Bars Day

It’s Bike to Work Day 2013 (obviously, right?), so you can bet I spent part of the morning on my Hymen Buster 3000.  Bike to Work Day happens to be one of my favorite summer social events, and it usually ends up being more like Bike to Breakfast and Another Breakfast and Another Breakfast Day.  […]